Fiber Coven Podcast

Episode 34: Full Moon Activities

June 1, 2021

News: The Stripes in Space Shawl MKAL will kick off on June 1st!  See our social media and Patreon posts to lean more!


Expect more bonus content as Emily and Lauren will finally meet in real life and get into various shenanigans.  Hopefully, we don’t get arrested.


The Carson City BLM group Lauren knows will be having another round of Zoom Antiracism Book Club.  We will be reading the essay collection Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis, second meeting will be Sunday 5/23 at noon pacific discussing the second half of the book.  It’s free and open to all!



Lauren - Handspun skein of sport weight three ply, the fiber was blended on Lauren’s blending board, it’s mainly Malabrigo Nube in the Persia colorway with some angora fiber from Emily’s bunny and tweedy bits blended in




Emily - un-knowable MKAL intrigue

- Vanilla socks, toe up, in Valkyrie Fibers High Twist BFL, Spearmint Tea and Witch’s Brew colorways


Lauren - more un-knowable MKAL intrigue

-Vanilla socks, toe up, in handspun Valkyrie Fibers Sock Top fiber base




Emily - Magnet Shawl clasp, Rock N’ More Accents

- Project bag from Allegheny Fiber Arts


Lauren - Magnet Shawl clasp, Rock N’ More Accents

- tea lights from Emily


Occult Corner: we did a live tarot reading for artistic inspiration as we do all sorts of projects together!



Shameless Self Promotion:


The pre order listing for Quarter 3 of the Power of the Full Moon Club is now available in Emily’s Etsy shop!!!


The Stripes in Space MKAL is open to pre order in Emily’s Ravelry shop


Or you can email to get set up with a PayPal invoice and email delivery of the pattern

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